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Senior Morayo Lawal is a Psychological and Brain Sciences major. She always knew she wanted to help and work directly with people. After watching nurses and doctors care for her grandma when she was ill, Morayo knew wanted to do the same for other people. Morayo is particularly interested in neurological diseases such as dementia, which has affected her grandma, and has participated in a neuroscience lab that focus on trying to understand the cause of neurodegenerative diseases. Morayo also worked in a ovarian cancer lab this past summer, which has stirred an interest in oncology. On campus, Morayo is part of AED, Hopkins Christian Fellowship, Tutorial Project, Library Advisory Committee and African Students Association. Morayo’s go to on Netflix right now is Scandal and she also loves Grey’s Anatomy. She also enjoy baking (especially from scratch) and just started getting into calligraphy.

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