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Junior Linh Tran is a Biomedical Engineering and Applied Statistics double major from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Throughout the time working as a translator for the Vietnamese cancer patients in Singapore, Linh saw the lack of application of advances in medical technologies and clinical settings in her hometown, so she decided to study the technologies and the social reasons behind their absence in developing countries. After coming to Baltimore, she continued to see how healthcare is inaccessible to many people because of social stratification. Linh is the Agency Chair of Project Prevent, the event committee chair of JHU visionaries, and the Global Health Section Head of Hopkins Med Review. Linh also does research at the Semenza Lab at the medical campus which focuses on new cancer molecular pathways, and is a volunteer at the Adult Emergency Department of the hospital. In her free time she enjoys afternoon-strolling, watercolor-painting and trying world cuisine recipes… She also makes a killer chocolate molten lava cake!

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