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FromĀ Aliso Viejo, California, Kavya Boyapati is a senior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Entrepreneurship and Management. passionate about helping others and ensuring that everyone has necessary access to quality healthcare, Kavya is an aspiring physician who hopes to reduce health disparities. As a Clinical Experience Coordinator for the Bayview Emergency Department Volunteer Program, Program Coordinator for Health Leads at Comprehensive Care Practice, and a member of the Tri-Beta Honor Society, Kavya is gaining much clinical experience to help better serve patients. At Bayview, she works to ensure that patients have a comprehensive understanding of discharge instructions. Through Health Leads, she strives to make sure that everyone has access to the basic resources that are essential to their health care. When she is not busy with her off-campus activities and extracurriculars, Kavya’s guilty pleasure is taking power naps!

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