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From Honolulu, HI, Julia is a junior majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Psychology. After shadowing in the ER, she saw someone die for the first time. Despite it all, the ER doctor she saw remained strong as a comforting and kind, yet always composed, which left her in awe. Like that ER doctor, Julia aspires to have the technical and emotional skillset to be people’s strength, stability, and healer as she rises to face any medical crisis. This has led to her aspirations of becoming a surgeon/physician. Currently, she conducts neuroscience research of the cerebral cortex’s neural circuitry and function at The Brown Laboratory. She is also a member of HERO, HOPthon, and a part of Tutorial Project. Some of Julia’s incredible accomplishments include being one of two recipients selected for the Hiroshima Peace Scholarship in high school. She led a nuclear-disarmament peace petition campaign with various Japanese high schools that was sent to the United Nations, coordinated the folding of 1,000 paper cranes that we presented at the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima, and discussed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty with 100-plus Japanese high school students at the Jogakuin High School Peace Forum. As a Hawaii native, Julia stays true to the stereotype and can surf and skateboard!


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