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Coming all the way from Kingston, Jamaica, junior Janice Wang is majoring in Behavioral Biology with a minor in Visual Arts. Growing up, she never thought she would aspire to become a doctor. However, the signs were all there since she was a child, when her parents found her stuffed animals torn apart and stitched back together as she would pretend to be their doctor. As Janice matured, she realized that she had a strong desire to help people, not only with physical ailments, but also emotionally. This is reflected through all her activities: conducting clinical and laboratory research at the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus in the Pediatric/Adolescent Psychiatry Department and volunteering at the Child Life Program at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Maryland SPCA. She is also a member of A Place to Talk, where she is a part of the External Training Committee, and a brother of APO. Fun fact, Janice loves corgis! She says that she will probably cry if she ever gets to hold a corgi, which reflects her big heart for everything and everyone. 

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