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Junior Charisma Burrows is a Molecular Cellular Biology major and a Spanish minor who  was inspired to pursue a career in medicine by the health disparities present across the world and within our local communities. One specific issue that motivates Charisma is the lack of quick and precise response from medical teams to halt the spread of infectious diseases in countries that may not possess strict biohazard procedures. Her time volunteering with the Baltimore Rescue Mission Clinic and Moveable Feast has helped prepare her to address this issue by teaching her accurate health care procedures and allowing her to build strong connections with those who directly work or are people that have highly infectious diseases. Charisma is also involved in the Johns Hopkins Equestrian Team, Residential Advisory Board (RAB), Supporting Hospitals Abroad with Resources and Equipment (SHARE), Alzheimer Foundation Association (AFA), Project Prevent, ABC Health, and Aids Alliance. Charisma owns a pet horse named Eli, who is a retired race horse!

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