Photo of Sanam Bhatia
Sanam Bhatia
Public Relations Chair

Junior Sanam Bhatia is from Queens, New York and is studying Public Health Studies and Spanish for the Professions. Volunteering in a Brooklyn hospital’s pediatric wing really solidified that she wanted to pursue a career in medicine. On campus, Sanam participates in PEEPS with CHEW, Hopkins Undergraduates for Harm Reduction, and Public Health Student Forum. In PHSF, as a member of the publicity committee, she works to increase awareness of public health issues that affect Hopkins students, the Baltimore community, and people all over the world. In PEEP, she works with the other members to plan student health awareness events. During an intersession trip to Uganda, which was centered on public health, she learned a lot about health disparities and how they are caused by cultural, socioeconomic, and political factors. Sanam would like to learn more about how these manifest throughout the world, and compare them to issues she see in Baltimore. She hopes to use what she learn about public health to promote preventative education.

Photo of Lena Bless
Lena Bless

Senior Lena Bless is a Neuroscience major and psychology minor. She is interested in Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology as well as Neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s Disease. She is currently looking to work in a research lab down at the med campus on these issues. Lena is a member of the varsity swim team and has participated at NCAAs every year so far. Off campus, Lena I has been participating in HAMR meetings (HIV and Aging Mentored Research) and they have allowed her to see some of the most recent research done in this area that is allowing her to better understand HIV and AIDS as well as seeing it from a more public health angle. In her free time, she loves to watch superhero movies!

Photo of Charisma Burrows
Charisma Burrows
Social Co-Chair

Sophomore Charisma Burrows is a Molecular Cellular Biology major and a Spanish minor who  was inspired to pursue a career in medicine by the health disparities present across the world and within our local communities. One specific issue that motivates Charisma is the lack of quick and precise response from medical teams to halt the spread of infectious diseases in countries that may not possess strict biohazard procedures. Her time volunteering with the Baltimore Rescue Mission Clinic and Moveable Feast has helped prepare her to address this issue by teaching her accurate health care procedures and allowing her to build strong connections with those who directly work or are people that have highly infectious diseases. Charisma is also involved in the Johns Hopkins Equestrian Team, Residential Advisory Board (RAB), Supporting Hospitals Abroad with Resources and Equipment (SHARE), Alzheimer Foundation Association (AFA), Project Prevent, ABC Health, and Aids Alliance. Charisma owns a pet horse named Eli, who is a retired race horse!

Photo of Ellie Burton
Ellie Burton
Community Engagement Co-Chair

Senior Ellie Burton is a Biophysics major with a secondary concentration in Mathematics. Motivated by a strong passion for bioinformatics and computational biology, she aspires to pursue a career in craniofacial plastics or ophthalmology. On campus, Ellie is an athlete for the varsity cross country and track team and a volunteer for Visionaries: a program designed to facilitate low vision patients’ communication with their ophthalmologist to better address their vision and daily life problems. Off campus, she coordinates the logistic for the Bringing Ladies and Science Together (BLAST) program and continues to enjoy mountaineering in her spare time.

Photo of Anna Chen
Anna Chen

Sophomore Anna Chen is a Molecular and Cellular Biology major and a Business minor who is interested in surgery and environmental sustainability. Anna founded and co-founded two environmental clubs during high school. She has initiated and fundraised for school improvement projects that replaced her old and inefficient sodium lights with sustainable LED lighting.  She hope to combine her two major academic interests, that of medicine and that of sustainability, to address the environmental impacts of the medical industry, and explore the fields of environmental health and sustainable medicine. On campus, Anna writes for the JHU SciTech Newsletter, as well as participates in Art Brigade and Club Swimming. She also does volunteer with Thread and researches at the JHMI in a Cardiology Lab. Anna’s secret talents include playing the piano, making delicious Chinese food and cooking a sunny side up perfectly, to match her incredibly bright personality.

Photo of Sabrina Chen
Sabrina Chen

Hailing from the West Coast, sophomore Sabrina Chen is a Molecular and Cellular Biology and Neuroscience double major. Sabrina first discovered her interest in medicine working with ICU patients as a pediatric assistant at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. As she aspires to be a physician, she has developed a strong interest in minimizing health disparities, which has influenced many of her volunteer projects. Further, she is interested in studying the integration of modern technology and medicine. Sabrina currently interns in the Ewen lab at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, which studies motor learning adolescents with ADHD using EEG technology. Outside of her studies, Sabrina is the Science and Technology editor for the Hopkins News-letter, a executive board member of the Hopkins Association for Stroke Awareness (HASA), and the founder of the Humans of JHU Facebook page. In her free time, Sabrina enjoys sharpening her calligraphy skills, taking photos and trying out new recipes.

Photo of Carol Cheney
Carol Cheney

Junior Carol Cheney is a Neuroscience major, minoring in both mathematics and Spanish. Interested in volunteer work to minimize health disparities, Carol has been an active member of Global Brigades, travelling to Honduras to provide healthcare to those in need. Similarly, she is involved in ‘Food as Medicine’ designed to educate younger generations in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with minimal resources. Ultimately, she aspires to pursue an MD either in neurology or psychiatry. On campus, Carol is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Ataxia Ambassadors. She is also an active research volunteer in the Dong Neuroscience laboratory.

Photo of Michelle Chiu
Michelle Chiu
CiM Chair

Sophomore Michelle Chiu is a Molecular and Cellular Biology major who was inspired to pursue a career in medicine early on in middle school after participating in a job shadowing event. From there, she has volunteered in a hospital emergency room in high school, and is currently doing Cardiology research at the medical campus, which solidified her interest in the medical fields. Michelle is also a member of SLAM and has participated in on and off campus performances that benefit local hip-hop dance teams and crews from the Baltimore area. She loves animals and enjoys being a part of PAWS (Pet and Animal Welfare Society) that strives to improve the quality of life for unwanted animals in the Baltimore community. When she’s not found playing with animals or doing research, you can find her at the FFC enjoying her favorites: waffles and coconut chocolate chip ice cream.

Photo of Nina D’Amiano
Nina D’Amiano

Junior Nina D’Amiano is a Public Health major and a Spanish minor at Hopkins. She champions a strong interest in minimizing health disparities and a love for functional anatomy, both of which supplement her choice to pursue a career as a physician. On campus, she is a senator for the Student Government Association and a member of HASA (Hopkins Association for Stroke Awareness). She is also actively involve in a research study on caregiver administration of non-prescription antibiotics to children, for which she administers surveys both in English and Spanish. In her free time, Nina enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and playing with her dog Diesel.

Photo of Callie Deng
Callie Deng

Senior Callie Deng is a native Marylander studying Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. As an engineer, Callie is determined in integrating her love for technology innovation with her appreciation of the patient-physician relationship to become a physician. This passion contributed to her receipt of the Bloomberg L.P Prize for “best project that addresses a humanitarian need.” At Hopkins, she is a Health Leads advocate and a member of the Chinese Students Association. Further, she is involved with research at the medical campus and strategy evaluation and revision for a medical software startup ‘OnTheDoc.’ In her free time, she enjoys creative writing!

Julia Duvall

Junior Julia Duvall is a native Marylander pursuing a Major in Neuroscience and a minor in Spanish for the Professions. With aspirations to pursue an MD/PhD, Julia champions a specific interest in the systematic deterioration of the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex characteristic of Alzheimer’s Disease. On campus, Julia is a member of OLE, the Black Student Union, and club soccer. She is also a research assistant at the Roth Lab and a Bloomberg Scholar. In her free time, she enjoys indulging in her favorite childhood classics and listening to music.

Photo of Eden Epner
Eden Epner
Community Engagement Co-Chair

Senior Eden Epner is a psychology major with a fierce passion for surgery. This interest developed initially as a patient undergoing surgery for a major knee ligament tear, and later supplemented as she shadowed the same orthopedic surgeon who performed her operation. Further, she is motivated by the opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships and provide a support system/words of wisdom for patients. On campus, Eden is a Student-Athlete Advisory Committee executive board member and a Varsity Lacrosse athlete, which has earned her the US Lacrosse All-American Award in 2014. Off campus, she works closely with a nonprofit organization called Positive Coaching Alliance that strives to teach young athletes life lessons through sports. In her free time, Eden enjoys alpine skiing.

Photo of Ayushi Gautam
Ayushi Gautam
Social Co-Chair

Sophomore Ayushi Gautam is a Neuroscience and Computer Science double major. Working with doctors in clinical settings at UCSF as well as conducting research on improving chemotherapeutics inspired Ayushi to pursue a career in medicine. Specifically, seeing these doctors’ impact on the lives of children with vascular anomalies and how they handle complex situations everyday solidified her desire to become a doctor. At Hopkins, Ayushi is involved in research with Dr. Greider’s telomere lab, and is also a part of the Hopkins Med Review, where she is working to bridge the gap between science research and the general community. Fun fact, she has performed at Carnegie Hall three times!

Photo of Kaitlin Karr
Kaitlin Karr

Sophomore Kaitlin Karr is a Neuroscience and history double major and a potential Classics minor. The brain has always fascinated her, and she wanted to pursue a career in which she could find answers, solve problems, and ultimately deal with medical issues of a wide variety of people. While she’s pretty open to any future career right now, her biggest aspiration would be to pursue neurology and practice brain surgery. She’s also open to the idea of becoming a psychiatrist. Kaitlin plays fullback and is the Recruiting Chair for the Hopkins Women’s Rugby team. As a member of the JHUWRFC Spring Board, she was in charge of recruitment during the Student Involvement Fair. Besides rugby, Kaitlin is an active volunteer and member of SHARE and Relay For Life. Her favorite TV shows are 30 Rock and Dexter, and she enjoys skiing and snowboarding.

Photo of Kain Kim
Kain Kim

Junior Kain Kim is an English major from Paramus, New Jersey. She was inspired to pursue medicine after traveling abroad to Africa, which raised her awareness of not only the language gap but of the disparities in its healthcare system. In the future, Kain hopes to apply the humanities skills she gains in holistic thinking to engender increased rapport in our healthcare system. Kain is interested in the discrepancies often found in the typical patient experience in an overly-complex health system. Kain is the features editor on the board for Epidemic Proportions, JHU’s premier public health journal and is also involved in Thread and Health Leads. She also does research in cancer. Kain’s hobbies include watching cult classic films. Her favorites include “Clue” and “Battle Royale”.

Photo of Young Hun (Minjoo) Kim
Young Hun (Minjoo) Kim

Senior Minjoo Kim is a Neuroscience major and a Classics minor. She enjoys being a part of TASA (Taiwanese American Student Association) and Kappa Alpha Theta.  After spending the summer shadowing physicians in Greece, Minjoo was inspired to continue down the path towards a medical profession. She’s interested in neurosurgery, ICU, and anesthesiology. Her favorite hobbies include playing the violin, piano and guitar, and also enjoys drawing.


Photo of Bhavitha Kotha
Bhavitha Kotha

Senior Bhavitha Kotha is currently pursuing a dual degree in Biophysics and Applied Mathematics/Statistics at Hopkins. Interested in women’s rights, Bhavitha looks forward to integrating her passion for medicine and social activism as a member of WPHLS. Further, she aspires to pursue a career in cardiology. Her passion for gender equality and science has influenced many of her extracurricular work, including her membership in Hopkins’ Feminists and the Sexual Assault and Rape Unit (SARU) for which she is the Development/Programming Chair. She also enjoys being associated with Habitat for Humanity and tutoring for Hop Help.

Photo of Ruchita Kothari
Ruchita Kothari

Junior Ruchita Kothari is a Biophysics major, minoring in Spanish for the Professions. Her initial interest in the sciences developed as she volunteered in a translational research lab. This intersection between laboratory research and clinical medicine has stoked her interest in pursuing a career as a neurosurgeon, integrating modern techniques with clinical care. Specifically, Ruchita is interested in neuropathology, and pursues this interest as a member of the Snyder neuroscience lab studying stroke prevention. On campus, she is involved in the acapella group Kranti, the hip-hop group SLAM, APO, and South Asian Society at Hopkins (SASH). In her free time, Ruchita enjoys binge watching Sherlock and Chuck.

Photo of Alexis Kushner
Alexis Kushner

Sophomore Alexis Kushner is a Molecular and Cellular Biology and Applied Math double major. Her goal is to become an Orthapedic Surgeon for a professional team. Alexis has been inspirited by her family’s history of breast cancer, and is conducting research on the metastatic pathways of breast cancer cells at Weill Cornell Medical College. She has also shadowed pediatric surgeons at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. On campus, Alexis is part of the Blue Key Society, Global Brigades, Tutorial Project, Hopkins Hosting Society, and Club Soccer. Alexis loves quirky history facts and the TV shows The Office and Parks and Rec.

Photo of Morayo Lawal
Morayo Lawal

Junior Morayo Lawal is a Psychological and Brain Sciences major. She always knew she wanted to help and work directly with people. After watching nurses and doctors care for her grandma when she was ill, Morayo knew wanted to do the same for other people. Morayo is particularly interested in neurological diseases such as dementia, which has affected her grandma, and has participated in a neuroscience lab that focus on trying to understand the cause of neurodegenerative diseases. Morayo also worked in a ovarian cancer lab this past summer, which has stirred an interest in oncology. On campus, Morayo is part of AED, Hopkins Christian Fellowship, Tutorial Project, Library Advisory Committee and African Students Association. Morayo’s go to on Netflix right now is Scandal and she also loves Grey’s Anatomy. She also enjoy baking (especially from scratch) and just started getting into calligraphy.

Photo of Ivory Loh
Ivory Loh

With a diverse international upbringing from growing up in Shanghai, China, Senior Ivory Loh is a Public Health major with a psychology minor. She has a strong interest in food, nutrition, physical activity and general health maintenance through lifestyle modifications. Specifically, Ivory is interested in obesity and the effects of environmental factors. This passion has influenced her work as a group leader for B’more Health Communities for Kids through the Bloomberg School of Public Health, which aims to combat childhood obesity, as well as a new intervention called OPREVENT that works with Native American communities. Her interest in food has also prompted her involvement as an executive board member for Real Food Hopkins, which organizes various educational events on campus including the ‘Weight your Waste Campaign’, as well as cooperates with dining to make product shifts for more “real” foods on campus. Ivory prides herself on being a foodie, certified personal trainer, and ‘health-nut’ and enjoys sharing this with others.

Photo of Spandana Mandaloju
Spandana Mandaloju

Senior Spandana Mandaloju is a Cognitive Science major and a Visual Arts minor motivated to improve the health of patients from diverse backgrounds as a physician. She is particular interested in the development of the brain and enjoys studying patterns of learning in children as member of Dr. Feigenson’s Lab for Child Development. Outside of her research, Spandana is the event coordinator for the Cognitive Science Undergraduate Society. She also enjoys baking and watching cooking competition television shows in her free time.

Photo of Sophie Murphy
Sophie Murphy

Senior Biology Major Sophia Murphy exhibits a diverse array of interests in orthopedics, emergency medicine, and the studying of sensory-neural pathways, however aspires to pursue a career as an orthopedic surgeon. Her initial interest in pursuing a career in the medical professions originated in her own, personal experience maintaining her health as an athlete. On campus, Sophia is a sister of the Phi Mu sorority and a Varsity soccer athlete, which has earned her a title as Champion at the 2015 Hopkins Centennial Conference. She is also a research assistant at the Wang Lab of the BME department. In her free time, Sophia enjoys binge watch the Office and indulging in carrot cake.

Photo of Mohika Nagpal
Mohika Nagpal

Sophomore Mohika Nagpal is a Neuroscience and Molecular and Cellular Biology from Boulder, Colorado. She is interested in streamlining the medical process and working towards achieving universal standards for medicine, so that medical care in third-world countries matches that in other parts of the world. On campus she is involved in research and debate. Off campus, she loves to dance and choreograph dance performances. Fun fact, Mohika can consume a Costco sized jar of Nutella in one week!

Photo of Olutosin (Tosin) Owoyemi
Olutosin (Tosin) Owoyemi

Junior Olutosin Owoyemi  is a native Marylander pursuing a dual degree in the Molecular/Cellular Biology and Psychology. Troubled by the lack of access to basic healthcare globally, Olutosin aspires to assist in providing healthcare to residents in areas with limited resources. Further, Olutosin is also interested in increasing minority interest and opportunity in the health professions. On campus. She is a member of the Black Student Union, dancer for the hip-hop group SLAM, and a tutor for Hopkins Thread. In her free time, Olutosin enjoys dancing and listening to spoken word poetry.

Photo of Yamini Patibandla
Yamini Patibandla

Senior Yamini Patibandla is a Molecular and Cellular Biology and Spanish for the Professions Minor at Hopkins. Yamini’s initial interest in medicine developed from watching the selfless actions of Doctors without Borders in the pursuit to assist in providing global healthcare access. She is interested in infectious disease and cardiology, motivating her career aspirations to be in emergency medicine. On campus, she is a MAPP mentor and SEED educator at the Office of Multicultural Affairs. She is also a Head-of-Family for Thread and molecular biology research volunteer the Hopkins Malaria Research Institute at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. In her free time, Yamini enjoys watching criminal Minds, biking around the city, and tackling jigsaw puzzles!

Photo of Naina Rao
Naina Rao

Senior Naina Rao is a Computer Science Major and Computation Medicine Minor at Hopkins. Naina was initially inspired to pursue a career in medicine as she witnessed the impact technology and innovation has played in medicine. This has further prompted her interest in assisting in medical informatics in developing countries. On campus, she is a member of the co-educational engineering fraternity Theta Tau, the Taekwondo club, and the South Asian Society at Hopkins (SASH). In her free time, Naina enjoys eating Nutella, digital design, and taking photographs.

Photo of Melissa Rosen
Melissa Rosen

Senior Melissa Rosen is a Public Health major pursuing a minor in psychology. As an avid snowboarder and football fan, she is interested in the science of traumatic brain injuries and hopes to work with these patients as a physician. On campus, Melissa is a member of the club lacrosse team and Phi Mu sorority, for which is the treasurer. Further, she volunteers in a research lab studying the pathology of Adrenoleukodystrophy and the efficacy of new nanotechnological drug delivery system on this deadly disease at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. Her passion for research has led to her co-authorship on a paper examining the frequency of otolaryngological visits at US emergency departments. Melissa also enjoys being an EMT on her local town’s volunteer ambulance squad. In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, eating tater tots, and gorging on peanut butter on bananas.

Photo of Anisette Ruda
Anisette Ruda

Senior Anisette Ruda has diverse interests in the sciences and humanities. Specifically, she is interested in developing long-term treatment strategies for managing depression. Anisette has pursued this interest in multiple environments including in a group therapy context with the Toronto ACTT program and a research setting at the University of Toronto Health Network. Further, she has explored the diversity of the medical field as a volunteer in Dr. Dagnelie’s research laboratory at the Wilmer Eye Institute, where she investigated low vision rehabilitation and phosphene mapping for retinal implants. As a member of the Baltimore community, Anisette is on the Executive Board for Hopkins Jail Tutorial: a program designed to prepare Baltimore City Jail members to earn a GED. Outside of her academic commitments, she enjoys catching up on her favorite television shows, such as Mad Men, and developing her diverse collection of vinyl albums.

Photo of Madhura Shah
Madhura Shah

always been curious about how things work. After learning about the respiratory system in high school biology, she became particularly interested in the functioning of the human body. To learn more about medicine, she volunteered at a hospital in the Neurology department, and seeing doctors applying their medical expertise to diagnose and treat patients made her want to pursue a career as a doctor. On campus, Madhura is part of A Place to Talk, SALUD Spanish interpreting at STD clinic, and Nu Rho Psi. She also works in the Baraban Lab, which is working on understanding the role of microRNA in silencing protein translation and synaptic plasticity. In her free time, Madhura loves baking… especially lemon bars!

Photo of Ria Shah
Ria Shah

Senior Ria Shah is majoring in economics and is interested in becoming a pediatric surgeon. Women’s health in developing regions have played a role in her life even before entering college. After working in rural Congo and witnessing how girls’ education and women’s health can have an impact on an entire community, this experience continues to reinforce her commitment to medicine daily. Ria is a research assistant at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. On campus, Ria serves as Vice President of the Alexander Hamilton Society, which has the mission to promote and uphold democratic principles through holding debate and conversations on foreign and economic policy. Ria describes her perfect day as a good workout in the morning and a couple spoonfuls of nutella in the evening.

Photo of Karen Sun
Karen Sun
Programming Co-Chair

Sophomore Karen Sun is a Public Health major and Spanish minor who aspires to become a gynecologist or pediatrician. Her interest in medicine stems from her mother who is passionate about her work in the healthcare industry and frequently tells  fascinating stories about her experience. On campus, she is a part of Alpha Kappa Psi and Musicare, and she does research at the Mumm Lab at Johns Hopkins Medicine  studying new therapies of retinal regeneration and degeneration to create new ways to stimulate the dormant capacities of regeneration in humans through the use of Zebrafish. In her free time, Karen loves to explore beyond the Hopkins “bubble”, from other areas of Baltimore to Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

Photo of Sai Talluru
Sai Talluru

Senior Sai Talluru is a Neuroscience major inspired by the rich history and versatility of medicine. She has a unique interest in orphan diseases: rare illnesses that effect a small percentage of the population and do not receive sufficient funding to further medical interventions for these patients. This has motivated her involvement in a laboratory investigating rare types of neonatal diabetes. Ultimately, she hopes to marry her passion for medicine with her interest in policy to address healthcare concerns on a national level as Surgeon General. Outside of her interests in medicine, Sai is a member of the incentive high school student-mentoring program THREAD. She also enjoys dancing on Hopkins’ co-ed Bollywood dance team, Zinda.

Photo of Linh Tran
Linh Tran

Junior Linh Tran is a Biomedical Engineering and Applied Statistics double major from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Throughout the time working as a translator for the Vietnamese cancer patients in Singapore, Linh saw the lack of application of advances in medical technologies and clinical settings in her hometown, so she decided to study the technologies and the social reasons behind their absence in developing countries. After coming to Baltimore, she continued to see how healthcare is inaccessible to many people because of social stratification. Linh is the Agency Chair of Project Prevent, the event committee chair of JHU visionaries, and the Global Health Section Head of Hopkins Med Review. Linh also does research at the Semenza Lab at the medical campus which focuses on new cancer molecular pathways, and is a volunteer at the Adult Emergency Department of the hospital. In her free time she enjoys afternoon-strolling, watercolor-painting and trying world cuisine recipes… She also makes a killer chocolate molten lava cake!