Photo of Kavya Boyapati
Kavya Boyapati
Social Co-Chair

From Aliso Viejo, California, Kavya Boyapati is a junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Entrepreneurship and Management. passionate about helping others and ensuring that everyone has necessary access to quality healthcare, Kavya is an aspiring physician who hopes to reduce health disparities. As a Clinical Experience Coordinator for the Bayview Emergency Department Volunteer Program, Program Coordinator for Health Leads at Comprehensive Care Practice, and a member of the Tri-Beta Honor Society, Kavya is gaining much clinical experience to help better serve patients. At Bayview, she works to ensure that patients have a comprehensive understanding of discharge instructions. Through Health Leads, she strives to make sure that everyone has access to the basic resources that are essential to their health care. When she is not busy with her off-campus activities and extracurriculars, Kavya’s guilty pleasure is taking power naps!

Photo of Charisma Burrows
Charisma Burrows

Junior Charisma Burrows is a Molecular Cellular Biology major and a Spanish minor who  was inspired to pursue a career in medicine by the health disparities present across the world and within our local communities. One specific issue that motivates Charisma is the lack of quick and precise response from medical teams to halt the spread of infectious diseases in countries that may not possess strict biohazard procedures. Her time volunteering with the Baltimore Rescue Mission Clinic and Moveable Feast has helped prepare her to address this issue by teaching her accurate health care procedures and allowing her to build strong connections with those who directly work or are people that have highly infectious diseases. Charisma is also involved in the Johns Hopkins Equestrian Team, Residential Advisory Board (RAB), Supporting Hospitals Abroad with Resources and Equipment (SHARE), Alzheimer Foundation Association (AFA), Project Prevent, ABC Health, and Aids Alliance. Charisma owns a pet horse named Eli, who is a retired race horse!

Photo of Anna Chen
Anna Chen
Community Engagement Co-Chair

Junior Anna Chen is a Molecular and Cellular Biology major and a Business minor who is interested in surgery and environmental sustainability. Anna founded and co-founded two environmental clubs during high school. She has initiated and fundraised for school improvement projects that replaced her old and inefficient sodium lights with sustainable LED lighting.  She hope to combine her two major academic interests, that of medicine and that of sustainability, to address the environmental impacts of the medical industry, and explore the fields of environmental health and sustainable medicine. On campus, Anna writes for the JHU SciTech Newsletter, as well as participates in Art Brigade and Club Swimming. She also does volunteer with Thread and researches at the JHMI in a Cardiology Lab. Anna’s secret talents include playing the piano, making delicious Chinese food and cooking a sunny side up perfectly, to match her incredibly bright personality.

Photo of Michelle Chiu
Michelle Chiu

Junior Michelle Chiu is a Molecular and Cellular Biology major who was inspired to pursue a career in medicine early on in middle school after participating in a job shadowing event. From there, she has volunteered in a hospital emergency room in high school, and is currently doing Cardiology research at the medical campus, which solidified her interest in the medical fields. Michelle is also a member of SLAM and has participated in on and off campus performances that benefit local hip-hop dance teams and crews from the Baltimore area. She loves animals and enjoys being a part of PAWS (Pet and Animal Welfare Society) that strives to improve the quality of life for unwanted animals in the Baltimore community. When she’s not found playing with animals or doing research, you can find her at the FFC enjoying her favorites: waffles and coconut chocolate chip ice cream.

Photo of Janice Choi
Janice Choi

Sophomore Janice Choi is from New York, New York and is double-majoring in Biophysics and French. She was inspired to pursue a career in medicine because she sees it as a rewarding way to pursue her interests in science while being able to connect with people. With her love of learning new languages, Janice decided to pursue her interests by majoring in French at Hopkins. Currently, she is considering to become an orthopedic surgeon, but she is open-minded to any opportunity in the future. Outside of WPHLS on-campus, Janice is a member of AKPsi, Kappa, MedHacks, Club Volleyball, and Global Brigades. With Global Brigades, Janice had the chance to go to Honduras during Intersession 2018. In her free time, she likes to watch Black Mirror and Criminal Minds and loves to paint! 

Photo of Kimberly Dong
Kimberly Dong
Social Co-Chair

Kimberly Dong is a sophomore from Clifton Park, New York double-majoring in Public Health and Molecular and Cellular Biology and minoring in Bioethics. Watching physicians, nurses and EMTs work together in seamless unity inspired Kimberly to join this team of professionals as a future surgeon in orthopedics or trauma. Her interest in ethics surrounding end-of-life care and emergency care has led to her minor in bioethics and her participation in two bioethics research labs at the medical campus. On-campus, Kimberly is a member of HERO, THREAD, and APO. Through HERO, Kimberly is a national and Maryland certified EMT and responds to medical calls from students and faculty with our university’s boundaries. When she’s not busy with her extracurriculars or class, Kimberly loves baking layered cakes and miniature versions of desserts!  

Photo of Lauren Duan
Lauren Duan

Hailing from Davis, California, sophomore Lauren Duan is double-majoring in Neuroscience and Molecular and Cellular Biology and minoring in Bioethics. She says that science has always been in her blood. Lauren used to spend my childhood running around her mom’s lab, and discovered an interest in doing her own research at the UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures during high school. Like her mother, she wants to support women in tackling the toughest jobs in medicine and science, being leaders and principle investigators, and leaving a mark in the realm of science. Aspiring to be a physician-scientist, Lauren conducts neuropathology research at the JHMI Department of Pathology, studying the use of AAV9 (a gene therapy viral vector) in potentially curing neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS-FTD and Alzheimer’s. Outside of WPHLS and the lab setting, Lauren is a part of TEDxJHU, JHU Sirens, Nu Rho Psi, Ataxia Ambassadors and Huntington’s Helpers. When she’s not busy with all her studies and extracurriculars, Lauren is obsessed with eating Hot Cheetos. Hot Cheetos Limon, Hot Cheetos XXtra Flamin’ Hot, Puffs, anything! 

Julia Duvall

Senior Julia Duvall is a native Marylander pursuing a Major in Neuroscience and a minor in Spanish for the Professions. With aspirations to pursue an MD/PhD, Julia champions a specific interest in the systematic deterioration of the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex characteristic of Alzheimer’s Disease. On campus, Julia is a member of OLE, the Black Student Union, and club soccer. She is also a research assistant at the Roth Lab and a Bloomberg Scholar. In her free time, she enjoys indulging in her favorite childhood classics and listening to music.

Photo of Ayushi Gautam
Ayushi Gautam
Community Engagement Co-Chair

Junior Ayushi Gautam is a Neuroscience and Computer Science double major. Working with doctors in clinical settings at UCSF as well as conducting research on improving chemotherapeutics inspired Ayushi to pursue a career in medicine. Specifically, seeing these doctors’ impact on the lives of children with vascular anomalies and how they handle complex situations everyday solidified her desire to become a doctor. At Hopkins, Ayushi is involved in research with Dr. Greider’s telomere lab, and is also a part of the Hopkins Med Review, where she is working to bridge the gap between science research and the general community. Fun fact, she has performed at Carnegie Hall three times!

Photo of Kaitlin Karr
Kaitlin Karr

Junior Kaitlin Karr is a Neuroscience and history double major and a potential Classics minor. The brain has always fascinated her, and she wanted to pursue a career in which she could find answers, solve problems, and ultimately deal with medical issues of a wide variety of people. While she’s pretty open to any future career right now, her biggest aspiration would be to pursue neurology and practice brain surgery. She’s also open to the idea of becoming a psychiatrist. Kaitlin plays fullback and is the Recruiting Chair for the Hopkins Women’s Rugby team. As a member of the JHUWRFC Spring Board, she was in charge of recruitment during the Student Involvement Fair. Besides rugby, Kaitlin is an active volunteer and member of SHARE and Relay For Life. Her favorite TV shows are 30 Rock and Dexter, and she enjoys skiing and snowboarding.

Photo of Kain Kim
Kain Kim
Conversations in Medicine Chair

Senior Kain Kim is an English major from Paramus, New Jersey. She was inspired to pursue medicine after traveling abroad to Africa, which raised her awareness of not only the language gap but of the disparities in its healthcare system. In the future, Kain hopes to apply the humanities skills she gains in holistic thinking to engender increased rapport in our healthcare system. Kain is interested in the discrepancies often found in the typical patient experience in an overly-complex health system. Kain is the features editor on the board for Epidemic Proportions, JHU’s premier public health journal and is also involved in Thread and Health Leads. She also does research in cancer. Kain’s hobbies include watching cult classic films. Her favorites include “Clue” and “Battle Royale”.

Photo of Ruchita Kothari
Ruchita Kothari

Senior Ruchita Kothari is a Biophysics major, minoring in Spanish for the Professions. Her initial interest in the sciences developed as she volunteered in a translational research lab. This intersection between laboratory research and clinical medicine has stoked her interest in pursuing a career as a neurosurgeon, integrating modern techniques with clinical care. Specifically, Ruchita is interested in neuropathology, and pursues this interest as a member of the Snyder neuroscience lab studying stroke prevention. On campus, she is involved in the acapella group Kranti, the hip-hop group SLAM, APO, and South Asian Society at Hopkins (SASH). In her free time, Ruchita enjoys binge watching Sherlock and Chuck.

Photo of Alexis Kushner
Alexis Kushner

Junior Alexis Kushner is a Molecular and Cellular Biology and Applied Math double major. Her goal is to become an Orthapedic Surgeon for a professional team. Alexis has been inspirited by her family’s history of breast cancer, and is conducting research on the metastatic pathways of breast cancer cells at Weill Cornell Medical College. She has also shadowed pediatric surgeons at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. On campus, Alexis is part of the Blue Key Society, Global Brigades, Tutorial Project, Hopkins Hosting Society, and Club Soccer. Alexis loves quirky history facts and the TV shows The Office and Parks and Rec.

Photo of Amy Lu
Amy Lu

Amy Lu is a sophomore studying Molecular & Cellular Biology with a minor in Visual Arts born in Ottawa, Ontario and residing in Plano, Texas. Passionate about medicine and helping others, Amy hopes to become a doctor who reduces health disparities. Currently, Amy is researching osteosarcoma in mice at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Pathology. She also volunteers at the Baltimore Museum of Art, where she teach families about the museum’s art and how to reproduce them in arts and crafts projects. On-campus, she is involved in Global Brigades, Salud (where she teach public health lessons in Spanish to immigrants at CASA de Maryland), and the Community School Initiative (where she writes and teaches biology labs to disadvantaged high school students at The Community School). Her passion for science was seen in high school, when she pursued her own research project on yeast cells. This took her to district, state, and international science fairs, where she won the silver medal. In her free time, she loves to watch sitcoms such as The Office and paint. Fun fact, she has oil paintings exhibited in various art galleries in Dallas, Texas, such as the H. Paxton Moore Fine Art Gallery.


Photo of Mohika Nagpal
Mohika Nagpal

Junior Mohika Nagpal is a Neuroscience and Molecular and Cellular Biology from Boulder, Colorado. She is interested in streamlining the medical process and working towards achieving universal standards for medicine, so that medical care in third-world countries matches that in other parts of the world. On campus she is involved in research and debate. Off campus, she loves to dance and choreograph dance performances. Fun fact, Mohika can consume a Costco sized jar of Nutella in one week!

Photo of Lauren Parker
Lauren Parker

Lauren Parker is a junior majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Spanish for the Professions from Richmond, Virginia. She decided to pursue medicine after the death of a close friend due to sudden cardiac arrest, which led to her aspirations of becoming either a pediatric cardiologist or a congenital heart surgeon. Currently, she is a research assistant at both the Lab of Cardiovascular Biochemistry and the Department of Functional Anatomy and Evolution at Hopkins School of Medicine. With her love for children, she volunteers in the Child Life Department at Hopkins Hospital in the Pediatric Clinical Research Unit. Outside of class, Lauren is a member of the Varsity Swim Team, TriBeta Biological Honor Society, and Hopkins Insider (Student Admissions Advisory Board). Some of her accomplishments are that she is a Woodrow Wilson Research Fellowship Recipient, worked at an oral surgeon’s office for three summers, has her Dental Radiation Safety certification, and is a CNA! Fun fact, she absolutely loves French Bulldogs!

Sai Pinni

From St. Louis, Missouri, Sai Pinni is a junior studying Neuroscience and Spanish for the Professions. From her time working with the local uninsured population, attending mini-medical school lectures at Washington University in St. Louis, and participating in the STARS research program, Sai was inspired to pursue a career in the sciences/medicine during high school. Interested in neurosurgery and peripheral nerve surgery, specifically in nerve regeneration, Sai researches myocardial protection in Dr. Lawton’s cardiac surgery basic science lab at the medical campus. Her passion for STEM education is seen through her experience participating in Science Olympiad during high school and now partaking in the Charm City Science League, where she mentors sutdents and prepared them for regional and state Science Olympiad competitions. Other activities Sai is involved in are Health Leads, HopKids, APO, and Kranti. When she’s not busy with her clubs, studies, and off-campus activities, Sai loves to laugh by watching late-night talk shows and stand-up comedy!


Photo of Isabel Ryan
Isabel Ryan

Isabel Ryan is a sophomore from Locust Valley, New York studying Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in History. Isabel was first inspired to pursue medicine after hearing her grandfather talk about the impact he had on his small community as a doctor of family medicine. Pursuing an occupation as a surgical oncologist, Isabel is passionate about the lack of progressive surgeries for patients with stage 4 cancer. Her interests perfectly align with her experiences such as the summer she spent shadowing the head of surgical oncology at Mount Sinai and the research she does at Carnegie Institute, where she works on elucidating the features of lamp brush chromosomes in salamanders. On-campus, Isabel is a member of Hop Help Tutoring, Phi Mu Fraternity, KCREBS, and SHARE. Her talents are not only limited to the classroom setting. Isabel can also say the alphabet backwards!


Photo of Mickey Sloat
Mickey Sloat

Mickey Sloat is a sophomore from Davenport, Iowa studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Theatre Arts. Having always been fascinated by biological mechanisms, she hopes to become a physician scientist in pediatrics or obstetrics. With a passion for women’s health in government and the provision of healthcare to individuals experiencing homelessness, Mickey founded “End the Sentence Campaign,” and has been able to provide approximately $1,000 of menstrual products to women’s, family, and homeless shelters. Mickey performs research in a cell biology lab investigating chromosome segregation during meiosis and genetic mechanisms. Outside of the classroom and lab, Mickey is a part of Barnstormers, MSE Symposium, IDEAL, and APO. Some of her greatest achievements are that she is: a Hodson Trust Scholar, Thomas A. Dooley Scholarship Recipient, six-year national qualifier, finalist, and award winner in the National History Day competition, and a Herbert Hoover Uncommon Student. Fun fact, she loves to knit, embroider, and do calligraphy!


Photo of Christine Song
Christine Song

Christine Song is a junior from Ramsey, NJ studying Neuroscience and Psychology. When she was 14, she went to Honduras and grew a passion to pursue medicine, specifically global health, because of her experience seeing physicians bring joy and kindness to their patients. Ever since, she has been going back to Honduras every summer. With such passions and her interest in providing healthcare to the underprivileged, she aspires to become a general surgeon and hopes to create a global health program/emergency medicine program for future students. To further her exposure to medicine, Christine is a caretaker for a Secondary MS Patient, a volunteer at the Pediatric Emergency Department and Gilchrist Hospice Care, and a research assistant KKI. On-campus, Christine is a part of Food as Medicine, Believe in Art, Global Medical Brigades, Nu Rho Psi, Thoroughfare, and is a Biology Mentor. She enjoys mentoring and teaching because she believe some of our success is from our own mentors and teachers. Fun fact, Christine played Archery for four years!



Photo of Karen Sun
Karen Sun

Junior Karen Sun is a Public Health major and Spanish minor who aspires to become a gynecologist or pediatrician. Her interest in medicine stems from her mother who is passionate about her work in the healthcare industry and frequently tells  fascinating stories about her experience. On campus, she is a part of Alpha Kappa Psi and Musicare, and she does research at the Mumm Lab at Johns Hopkins Medicine  studying new therapies of retinal regeneration and degeneration to create new ways to stimulate the dormant capacities of regeneration in humans through the use of Zebrafish. In her free time, Karen loves to explore beyond the Hopkins “bubble”, from other areas of Baltimore to Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

Janice Wang
Conference Chair

Coming all the way from Kingston, Jamaica, junior Janice Wang is majoring in Behavioral Biology with a minor in Visual Arts. Growing up, she never thought she would aspire to become a doctor. However, the signs were all there since she was a child, when her parents found her stuffed animals torn apart and stitched back together as she would pretend to be their doctor. As Janice matured, she realized that she had a strong desire to help people, not only with physical ailments, but also emotionally. This is reflected through all her activities: conducting clinical and laboratory research at the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus in the Pediatric/Adolescent Psychiatry Department and volunteering at the Child Life Program at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Maryland SPCA. She is also a member of A Place to Talk, where she is a part of the External Training Committee, and a brother of APO. Fun fact, Janice loves corgis! She says that she will probably cry if she ever gets to hold a corgi, which reflects her big heart for everything and everyone.