Application FAQ

Application Reminder!
1. When is the application due?

Our application is due on February 3rd at 5pm to

2. Who can apply?
Our application is open to all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above. Our application can be found online at
3. What do I need to send?

Please make sure to send PDF copies of your application, unofficial transcript and resume to
4. If I’m a freshman interested in applying, which transcript should I send?
For freshmen the unofficial transcript with letter grades is preferred, however, you are free to send the transcript with pass/fail grades as long as you put your GPA on the application.
5. How do I know my application has been received?
Upon submission we will send a confirmation email.
6. What if I have a prior conflict and I am unable to attend either of the two interview dates?
Please reach out to us at